Australian cricketer Cameron Green reveals chronic kidney disease

kidney disease cameron green

Australian all-rounder Cameron Green has revealed that he is playing professional cricket with chronic kidney disease. He said that he had been diagnosed with the disease at the time of his birth, with doctors saying that his life would last only 12 years.

Green said in a conversation with Channel 7, “ When I was born my parents were told that I had chronic kidney disease। Originally, there are no symptoms, it is only detected through ultrasound। Chronic kidney disease is a progressive disease of your kidney health function। Unfortunately, my kidney does not filter blood like other kidneys। They are currently at around 60% which is phase two। I consider myself very lucky that I am not physically affected by chronic kidney disease as others are affected by it।”

Green, 24, is not in Australia’s final XI in the opening match of the International Test Series against Pakistan at Perth’s Optus Stadium, But he has managed to remain consistent in the team in all formats। Green said, “ When I was younger my parents were told that I could be too young। It is now quite fun to look back (after standing at six feet and six inches in height)। There are five stages of chronic kidney disease, the first stage is the least severe and the fifth stage is transplant or dialysis.”

Cameron Green reveals

He said, “ Luckily, I’m on stage two, but if you don’t care enough for them, it goes back down। Kidneys cannot be better. It is irreversible, so whatever you can do to slow down progress, you try. ” Green’s mother B. Tracy said she was scared when she first saw an ultrasound problem during pregnancy। He said, “I was in my 19-week scan and found that his bladder had become thick, He stated that it was a blockage of a urethral valve where urine originally flowed back into the kidneys and they did not develop properly, so it was a large shock. ”His father Gary said, “It was an unknown area at the time, and the forecast was not very good। There were issues related to life anticipation that he could not expect to live beyond the age of 12.”

Green said he has successfully managed his kidney problem, including the help of a nutritionist and a specialized kidney nutritionist। Green has now gone public about his chronic kidney condition with the hope that his story will help other people and their families suffering from the disease।

He said, “ I think it is essential to speak about what I have got। If there is one person I can help with speaking, it is worthwhile।”

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