Matthew Perry died of Ketamine overdose | Know what is ketamine

Matthew Perry cause of death

Matthew Perry, the World Wide Famous Actor and TV hero, died. The actor died at the age of 54. His dead body is found in the hot tub at home. It is then feared that Perry died of drowning in water. Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department are investigating his death. Only after the postmortem will the real cause of his death be revealed.

Perry was on the list of the world’s best comedy actors. Which often left an impression in the hearts of fans with their acting. This is why everyone is shocked by the news of Actor’s death.

What is ketamine?

Ketamine is a drug used illegally, which includes its numb and hallucinatory effects. It can also be used as a doctor’s anaesthetic, and scientists are also studying it as a mental health treatment. Matthew Perry reported in his memoirs that he used ketamine when dealing with drug addiction.

Parry, who played Chandler Bing in the hit TV sitcom from 1994–2004, himself reported in an interview that he had ketamine to ease his pain and deal with depression Used to use। He also wrote about a place where taking ketamine is like hitting the head with a huge shovel. But the hangover was tough and heavier than the shovel.

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