Parasite actor Lee Sun kyun dead at 48

Lee Sun-kyun

South Korea’s Actor Lee Sun Kyun, who appeared in the Oskar Award Winner Film Parasite, has died today at the age of only 48, the actor died in a car. According to South Korea’s authorities, actors were stranded in a drug case. On the morning of 27 December, after a phone call, police identified the person as Sun Gyun. Since October, Lee Sun Gyun was under police investigation for alleged drug use.


Lee Sun Kyun has left a will behind him

According to the police officer, the 48-year-old actor has left either a suicide note or a ‘will’ for his wife. Authorities said they received a call from a woman at night claiming that “my husband left home after writing a will-like note”.

Since October this year, several Industry A-listers, including Lee Sun Gyun and Bigbang’s G-Dragon, have faced drug charges due to police signals. Li Sun Gyun, who has faced a police investigation three times, called for a light detector test on the 26th.

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